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A Review of Genus 3 Season Gardening Trouser

I have been looking for a decent pair of gardening trousers for a long time. I have gone through a number of pairs of old trousers that have variously split at the knees or become caked in mud such that washing will not redeem them. End result - I have always looked like a tramp. Gardening is my job, but even if it weren't, I would still like to be comfy and presentable. An added bonus would be trousers designed for doing gardening in, that aren't flowery dungarees or which make me look like a builder.
Enter the 3-Season Gardening Trouser from Genus ( I have been using these trousers for about a month and they seem to tick most of the right boxes.
Firstly, they are lightweight but they still manage to keep me warm. They are true to size and the right length too - I chose the Regular since I'm average height. They are quite high-waisted but this has the benefit that there is no unsightly and chilly gap between the waistband and my t-shirt. The inside of the waistband is also covered with a soft material so it doesn't feel uncomfortable when bending over to dig.
They are equipped with kneepads which attach to internal knee pockets with velcro strips. It didn't take me long to reposition these so that they are comfortable for my knees. At first I was a bit unsure about kneeling directly on the lawn or in the border without my trusty kneeler. However, I soon found that the kneepads are comfortable without being bulky and allow me to kneel even where space is limited, and I don't have to continually pick up and reposition a kneeler. Yes the knees get a bit muddy and slightly damp, but the pocket arrangement means that my actual knees have never got wet and the mud on the trousers is barely visible and brushes off easily.
I am always losing my secateurs so a long pocket on the side of each leg means I can chose where to put them. I can also fit my favourite thin Mira trowel ( in the other pocket. This is far better than one of those gardening tool belt affairs which I have always thought must get in the way most of the time. I just have to remember to put the secateurs and trowel back in the side pockets once I've used them and not leave them lying around!
A great feature is also the zipped mobile phone pocket on the back of the trousers just below the waistband - a great idea since it gets my phone out of the way but still makes it accessible enough to answer it quickly without needing to rummage around in my garden tool bag.
With a price tag of £120, the trousers are not cheap but they are no more expensive than a pair of performance wear trousers for say, hiking. The trousers are very well made and a great deal of thought has been put into their design. If you spend a lot of your time gardening, then I would thoroughly recommend these trousers.
Many thanks to Genus for the loan of the 3-Season Gardening Trouser for this review -
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